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Album ஐ36D Rachael, Knows Englishஐ Enjoy Shiatsu+BM&BF+HDLY+HJ+HIGHLY Sought Jap B2B Msg

Album: ஐ36D Rachael, Knows Englishஐ Enjoy Shiatsu+BM&BF+HDLY+HJ+HIGHLY Sought Jap B2B Msg

Please Call Or Text Rachael @ 9372 4365 

Name: Rachael
Age: 28
Attitude: Very Friendly With Local Accent, Chatty & Service Oriented
Body: Very Busty & Curvy
Boobs: Natural & Soft 36D
Height: 165cm
Weight: 50kg
Looks: Pretty & Attractive Looking Babe
Room: Discreet, Cozy & Clean!
Language: Chinese Or Simple English SMSes or Calls only
Location: East

Her Massage Package Includes:
[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Or 90 Mins]

Auto Roaming : 触摸全身
(You Will Be Allow To Caress Her WHOLE Body During The Session But Pls Be Gentle)

Water Bed With Nuru Gel Service : 水床加努鲁按摩凝胶服务 ★★★★★
(As Shown In The Pic Above. Nuru Gel Is a Slippery, Clear, Non-Toxic Water-Based Massage Gel To Bring You The Best Erotic Effects. You Just Got To Try!)

Japanese Back to Back Massage : 日本B2B全身按摩 ★★★★★
(As Per Jap Style Massage, She Will Apply Nuru Gel & Will Use Body To Body Style To Grind & Massage Your Whole Body!)

Whole Body Essence Oil Massage/Shiatsu : 全身精油推拿/指压
(She Had Many Years Of Experiences. Hardworking & No Shortcut. Purely Authentic Massage With REAL Good Strength!)

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头,颈,肩部按摩
(A Hard Day In The Office? No Problem, Let Her Deal With Your Pain! Just Stay Relax)

Boobs Massage & Boobs Fxxk : 胸推和乳交 ★★★★★
(She Has Very Good Assets. Let Her Perform Her Best BM & You May Also Insert Your Precious In-between Her Boobies For a Sensational Rub Cum Final Explosion!)

HDLY : 海底捞月
(Performing Erotic Hand Movement On Your Precious & Balls In Varies Positions. Shoik!)

Hand Job : 打飞机
(Drool Over Her HOT Naked Body! Feel Her HUGE Asset While Lay Beside You & Give You a Arousing & Sensual HandJob!)

Services that She don't provides:
Services Not Mentioned Above.
Further Intimacies Depends On Your Chemistry With Her.

$100/Whole Body Oil & Shiatsu Massage+BM+HDLY & 2 x HandJobs/60 Mins 
$160/Shiatsu Massage Or Jap B2B+BM/BF+HDLY & 2 x HandJobs/90 Mins

♥♥♥ Large Cozy Room Included ♥♥♥ 

Please Call Or Text Rachael @ 9372 4365 

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